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When it comes to sound systems, many simply deal with the poor sound quality of generic sound systems... Enter Phuture Sound, innovative and engineered to produce sound at frequencies that you have never heard before.


Our technological approach avoids the use of both system EQ (with its inherent phase and headroom problems) and compression driver mid-range (with its inherent harshness and distortion)

Spacial technology

We sell Funktion One Sound systems that pioneered the Ambisonic Surround Sound System for large-scale events and could claim to have more experience in the implementation of this exciting spatial technology than any other organization.

Engineered for the best

Funktion-One Systems are notably in use at Berghain (Berlin), Sisyphos (Berlin), Space (Ibiza),Cocoricò (Riccione), Cielo (New York), Hot Mass (Pittsburgh), École Privée (Montreal), Smartbar (Chicago), Output (New York),and Colosseum (Jakarta),[3] Laura's shed at the Cruinniu na Mbad, some of the most renowned clubs worldwide.

Sound System Range

We've got an extensive range of superior quality speakers. Funktion One is widely regarded as the sound system with the best sound quality.

About Phuturesound and Funktion-One

Achieving the best possible audio quality is the principle motivating factor at Phuture Sound and Funktion One.

Sound System Settings

The correct crossover points, time alignment and limiter settings are absolutely essential to achieve perfect sound and the safe working of the system.


Featured Sound Systems

Our sound systems have been used by the Chemical Brothers, Glastonbury Festival, London's Millennium Dome central show and more.


The Resolution 4E is a great loudspeaker choice for...


The R2SH skeletal loudspeaker is the mid-high section of...

Sound system engineering is our way of life

Funktion One designs focus on maximizing efficiency (conversion of amplifier power into acoustic energy) as this tends to produce alive and responsive sound. It also means that less electrical power is required for a given acoustic output making F1 Resolution systems more energy efficient compared to alternatives.

Sound Quality

In today’s world general sound quality is far lower than it was 25 years ago not in spite our digital technology but because of it; in fact we have actually gone backwards. Early digital was dreadful because of the limits of the technology and the expense of doing it properly. Add that to the narrow band width of the internet and we now have the ubiquitous MP3 and generations of people who have been deprived the experience of quality sound.

Enhanced Experience

Sound is the most important of our senses. As such, we try to pay the amazing acuity of human hearing the respect it deserves by providing products that deliver as much resolution and detail as is possible.


All of the sound equipment we sell are manufactured to the highest standards. There is a reason why our sound systems never lose value.

Upcoming events

There is nothing quite like the experience of true-quality sound. Check out upcoming events where Funktion One sound systems will be.

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See where our sound systems have stolen the show and what some of the leading sound experts have to say about Funktion One sound systems.

“Mr G specifically wanted the biggest and baddest bass. The F124s give such depth to the bass – it’s such an abundant sound that’s so immense but not aggressive. The tonality of it is such a pleasure to use and you put it under any other Funktion-One speakers and it just sounds so natural and powerful. It’s quite magical.”

Dave Millard

Sound system supplier for Farr Festival

For the 2018 edition of Electrobeach Festival, which took place from 12-14 July, organisers broke new ground by employing Funktion-One sound systems on all 4 of its stages…”

TPI Magazine

TPi Magazine reports on a French festival first

Bulgaria’s Meadows in the Mountains (MITM) festival took place in the Rhodope Mountains this June, offering a party atmosphere with a view…

Audio Media International

Audio Media International reports on the Funktion-One sound systems

Returning to Bangkok for a second Asian edition, global trance extravaganza Transmission Festival once again turned to trusted audio supplier Audio Plus to deliver the festival’s now-essential Funktion-One sound.

TPi Magazine

Reviewed in TPi Magazine

The Funktion-One sound system at Chongquing’s Space Plus club has been designed to rival that of a large EDM festival…

Pro AVL Asia Magazine

The Space Plus Chongqing Funktion-One system (from Phoenix Audio) is reviewed in the latest issue of Pro AVL Asia Magazine

From the very beginning, Andrei [Kremenchugski, Edelweiss Audio’s technical director] worked closely with members of the Funktion-One team. It started with Funktion-One founder, Tony Andrews. Andrei and Tony discussed the project at length and formulated a design that would give the stadium the highest level of sport venue sound.


Full in-depth report on Volgograd Arena in Issue 01 of MONDO STADIA

Articles and news

If you want to know more about sound in general or events where Funktion One Sound Systems represented, click below.

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