MONDO|STADIA: Volgograd Arena

It’s 18 June and the sun has set in Volgograd. England are about to face Tunisia in one of the opening games of the 2018 World Cup at the newly built Volgograd Arena and expectations are high.

Volgograd Arena was designed by Moscow based Sport-Engineering, the winner of an open tender. Stroytransgaz was the project’s general construction contractor and Inline was the lead contractor for various audiovisual aspects of the project, including the main bowl sound system…

… From the very beginning, Andrei [Kremenchugski, Edelweiss Audio’s technical director] worked closely with members of the Funktion-One team. It started with Funktion-One founder, Tony Andrews. Andrei and Tony discussed the project at length and formulated a design that would give the stadium the highest level of sports venue sound.

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