Mek1Sound serves up audio excellence at Istanbul restaurant

High-end restaurant brand, The Galliard, has opened a second venue in the north of Istanbul, complete with a Funktion-One sound system

After five successful years operating in the affluent Etiler district of Istanbul, The Galliard restaurant was recently joined by a sister venue, located in the new Vadistanbul development in the northern suburbs of the city. While the new Galliard Brasserie maintains the same emphasis on culinary excellence, it offers a more relaxed setting than its sibling, one which – towards the end of the night – shifts into a DJ-led bar/club mode, powered by the Funktion-One sound system.

Taking its name from a Renaissance dance that swept through France, Spain and Italy in the 16th century, The Galliard family of restaurants waltzes its patrons through a rich menu of western European flavours. Walls decked with the works of respected artists form the backdrop to an array of dishes, designed and delivered with technical precision. It’s little surprise, therefore, that when owner Ahmet Uras set about designing the new Galliard Brasserie, he sought out a sound system that could deliver an equally high standard of artistic and technical excellence.

After hearing a Funktion-One system in action at another venue in Turkey, Uras contacted the installer responsible – Mek1Sound – to bring the same audio quality to the new Brasserie. Headed by renowned DJ/producer Murat Uncuoglu and audio installation veteran Ertugrul Karasati, Mek1Sound has significantly raised the standard of sound system installation in Turkey, thanks to the combined expertise of its founders and an exclusive provision of Funktion-One.

Uras explains: “We always prefer to work with Mek1Sound due to their friendly attitude and enhanced proficiency in sound system solutions. We believe that Mek1Sound is our true solution partner and they have our trust for all the systems they recommend to us.”

Karasati says: “The owner, Mr Uras, was really impressed with the installations we’d achieved elsewhere using Funktion-One. He instantly recognised that the superb sound quality that can be achieved with Funktion-One speakers would be the ideal match for The Galliard’s ethos of creating the perfect dining experience.”

To achieve the optimum coverage, two triangular brackets reaching down through the wood-slat ceiling each provide a mounting point for two F101s and an F81. Two more F81s are positioned on either side of a large screen – used to show sporting events – at one end of the restaurant.

F1201s are wall mounted at opposite corners of the restaurant – one by the kitchen hatch and one above the DJ booth. Lower frequencies are provided by four BR115 enclosures and two MB112 compact bass enclosures. A further four MB112s are used in the semi-covered outside terrace area to complement the rows of smaller, beam-mounted speakers used there. Three MC2 Delta 80s deliver the required amplification.

As the evening proceeds and the focus shifts from dining to dancing, the DJ mix is brought to the fore, but without obliterating the after-dinner conversation. “The purity of sound created by the Funktion-One system means the whole room can be filled with music, without ever becoming uncomfortable,” notes Karasati.

Uras adds: “We always prefer to install Funktion-One solutions in our venues – their product range means there is the right solution for all different types of venues. First, we did The Galliard Etiler with the compact Funktion-One loudspeakers and the quality of the sound was amazing for a mid-sized restaurant/bar.

“Three years later we’ve done The Galliard Vadistanbul with some of the bigger Funktion-One speakers. Not just us but all the customers were appreciating the quality of the sound in the venue. Funktion-One always provides sound that makes you move to the music – you feel all the tones – particularly when you go to higher volume levels, you feel the difference compared to its competitors even more.”

Such is the success of the new installation, that Uras has commissioned a Funktion-One system for a third venue, The Galliard Dubai, which is due to open at the end of June. Regional Funktion-One specialists, Em-Tech, will carry out the installation, with Ertugrul Karasati joining the project in a consulting role at the request of the owner.

“Now we are constructing The Galliard Dubai with an even bigger Funktion-One system – I’m very excited to hear the sound after the installation. Once again, I’m very thankful to Mek1Sound, because they didn’t even sell us the system for Dubai, but they helped us with all the project details and product selections. Plus, they brought us together with Em-Tec and they are still helping us to finalise the installation details. I feel very lucky to know the partners of Mek1Sound, Ertugrul Karasati and Murat Uncuoğlu.”

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