Ground Stack Systems



Funktion One’s Ground Stack board system provides a safe, secure and accurate method for ground stacking Resolution 4 and 5, E and Touring enclosures on a variety of Funktion One bass. The System consists of a board which is clamped to the bass stack by mating brackets and secured by a strap that runs from the lowest bass handle on one side, up and over the board and down to the lowest handle on the other side. With the board attached to the bass (and the bass stack secure), various metal brackets are slotted into the board which provides quick to use attachment points for the Resolution enclosures.

The boards themselves have no permanent attachments making them easy to transport without snagging. Resolution 4 boards provide the optimal 40-degree horizontal array angles with Resolution 5 boards giving the optimal 20-degree array angles between enclosures. Several different boards are available which provide for all of the most commonly used stacking configurations. The metal mating parts and straps are common to all boards and can, therefore, be interchanged.

Ground Stack Boards are usually supplied as complete kits but can be purchased on their own for users that want the flexibility of multiple stack configurations with a common set of mating parts. Touring Resolution 4 and 5 enclosures can be safely stacked two high on top of bass (assuming solid and flat ground) using the board system combined with the integral flying linking hardware provided on the enclosures themselves. Resolution 4 and 5 E enclosures can be stacked one row high. All parts are common with the exception of the rear anchor and strap which are either dedicated to the touring or E enclosures.


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